We recognise that God is the source of all the resources we have and all the resources we need. The ministry is faith based and completely reliant on the financial support and generosity of faithful fellow-Christians.

As a faith based ministry it does not need to have all funds in place before practical steps will be taken, however, the financial budget is planned and so regular donations are encouraged by those who God has lead by the Holy Spirit to contribute to the work.

All donations will be used to finance a basic lifestyle and the ministry. It is our desire to be wise stewards of each gift given to support the movement. We view your support as a sacred trust, for we know that we are accountable to you and to God for exercising good stewardship of the funds you have entrusted to us.

Why should you contribute to this mission? If God opens your heart to invest in this ministry, your contributions make it possible for us to share the Gospel in a country with huge spiritual needs. Italy is very religious, but there are so many people who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and King.

Your partnership in the work of God in Italy is a blessing and we thank God for your part in this outreach ministry. You can donate in several ways. Feel free to contact our treasurer if you have any questions related to donations.

This ministry works with a foundation called “Werkers in de Wijngaard”. This organisation freely provides a spiritual, financial and practical infrastructure for missionaries.

Bank account foundation/charity in The Netherlands (donate in euro’s)

Bank name: Rabobank

BIC/Swift code: RABONL2U.

Bank account (IBAN): NL54RABO0357856333 (new!)

To: Stichting Werkers in de Wijngaard

Ref.: Churchplanting in Italy* (optional: your name and details)


*This is the name of the project, all donations go to the ministry of Rob van der Dussen.

Donate with another curency to the foundation in The Netherlands

Note that your bank may charge bankcosts. To avoid this, donate via to the foundation in The Netherlands. This is a good service in sending your money with very low transfer costs. Please send us via the contact form a confirmation of your payment when using this service.

Personal bank account ministry in United Kingdom (donate in pounds)

Bank name: Danske Bank

Sortcode: 950149

Accountnumber: 30304891

To: J.A. van der Dussen

Ref.: Churchplanting in Italy (optional: your name and details)