In the years 2019-21 I will be involved in churchplanting projects in Italy as an intern. These projects are related to the City to City Europe network. City to City Europe is a trans-denominational network of urban churches and church plants committed to fostering a movement of the gospel in the cities of Europe. Throughout my two-year internship I will not only receive leadership training but will also get to immerse myself in and experience first-hand the work of the movement in bringing the power of the gospel to every part of life in Italian cities. I will get the opportunity to be involved in homegroups, evangelism on campus and the start-up of a new Christian community. The aim is to be prepared for coordinating projects.

From september 2020 onwards, I hope to serve a christian church in Perugia. The work enhances studentministry on university campus and working together in a team to start a new churchplanting project in a city close to Perugia without an evangelical witness.

Besides that, I write articles on the christian faith for the Italian website of the Dutch foundation IRS.